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Next release of LG, a new smart phone of his popular series Optimus presented product, this product is LG Optimus Pro. According to reports, LG Optimus Pro smart phone is pre-installed operating system Google Android 2.3 ginger, also is equipped with a 2.8 screen inches QVGA touch.

Although the touchscreen of 2.8 inches is a little old-fashioned in the current, but after reading the previous image, they will understand why, after all, Optimus Pro uses a keyboard of hardware design similar to the style of Blackberry, lower keyboard has occupied lots in the area, which may refer to a smaller screen size, but the appearance of the hardware keyboard can win much for business people.

As you can see the picture above, LG Optimus Pro Smartphone is equipped with a hardware QWERTY keyboard, is also equipped with a 3 megapixel camera, but I'm sorry, we don't know yet what processor using your Smartphone. In addition, said the site of EuroDroid, LG Optimus Pro has officially started selling in the Italian market, which is why this product is also likely that soon for sale in other countries and markets.

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< b > < /b > LG Optimus Pro and < b > < /b > LG Optimus net gain official Videos of general information

Yesterday was that we get our first look at the LG Optimus Pro an Android device with a design of BlackBerry-esque family. After coming out of nowhere, we now have an official introductory video (in Italian) device detailing the 2.3.3 Android phone 800 MHz processor, 3MP camera with 2.8 screen, not to mention its full QWERTY keyboard.

With Optimus Pro Net LG Optimus was announced as the successor of Optimus One, the Android phone aimed at the budget that was popular in the world over. The characteristics of network the same CPU 800 MHz and Android 2.3.3 build as Optimus Pro, but ditches the keypad of a 3.2 inch, 320 x 480 resolution display.

The language barrier may keep some details of us and we can't seem to dig up a note's official press on the matter. For now, it seems that pricing details and release have not been brought to.

[via AndroidWorld.it, 2]

LG Android phone blackBerry-style < b > < /b > effeminate - ITNewsFeed

An Optimus for professionals, apparently

Why does a micro from slapping to a professional smartphone BlackBerry Qwerty keyboard style? It does not, but suppliers still pitch this way terminals, the latest being LG. …(Read more)

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LG < /b > Optimus M, first MetroPCS phone < b > < /b > < b > Android | Updates to your mobile phone

Posted in 23. November 2010 for mobile on mobile devices

LG Optimus M, MetroPCS first Android phone

LG Optimus a family of affordable Android smartphones and success obtained your Member more tomorrow Monday as MetroPCS announced the upcoming availability of the lg optimus M. When you start this month, Optimus M will be first Android MetroPCS smartphone. As with all MetroPCS offers, customers will not need to sign a contract when they bought the Optimus M and plans of starting at $50 per month for unlimited calling, SMS, MMS, email, Web browsing, GPS navigation and much more. Optimus M has a 3.2 touch screen, a camera of 3.2 Megapixels, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Android 2.2 and a "champagne finish high end". It will be available on November 24 for $229.

LG Optimus One

Press release complete

More than 100,000 apps at your fingertips with unlimited talk at national level, text and web for only $50 per month

DALLAS, November 22, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX /: Just in time for holiday shopping, MetroPCS Communications, Inc. (NYSE: PCS) and mobile LG announced today the launch of LG Optimus M (TM), the first Android MetroPCS smartphone. Available online since November 24 and MetroPCS stores, lg optimus m is a sleek Android device with a vibrant 3.2-inch touch screen that allows consumers to do more with quick access to today the to expand the number of applications.

Lg optimus M, MetroPCS introduces consumers to the growing Market (TM) Android, helping them stay connected and entertained while on-the-go. Multi-app screens and the operating system Android 2.2 ("Froyo"), LG Optimus M provides instant access to more than 100,000 of the latest applications to adapt to any style of life. $50 Per month plan of annual contract does not allow consumers take Metro USA (SM) nationwide unlimited talk, text and web services.

"This holiday season, we are giving the customers wanted, an affordable Android smartphone with a wide range of applications and unlimited services more than ever before," said Roger Linquist, Chairman, President and CEO of MetroPCS. "LG Optimus M opens a path to the growing Android market and brings us one step further to provide an experience of complete service, postpaid to maintain profitability, flexibility and predictability of our Wireless for services of All (SM)."

"LG and MetroPCS have teamed up to offer consumers the first not annual smartphone Android contract with exceptional value," said Tim O'Brien, Vice President of consumer and trade marketing for mobile LG. "LG Optimus M is a phone easy to use with the capabilities of the Android technology and features to enhance the experience of consumers".

LG Optimus M will be available from MetroPCS for $229 with a $50 monthly service plan. Key features include:

•Games, ringtones and wallpapers, easily accessible through App Store Tm @ metro
•100, 000 + Android Market ™ applications do, enjoy and share, and almost 60 percent of Android Market applications are free of charge
•The latest Android 2.2 operating system for mobile Google access
•Text, email, instant messaging, blogs and streaming video to express themselves, provided that
End of first class •a with superior cava device, high end
•Brilliant 3. warm 2″ touchscreen with virtual QWERTY keyboard, embedded Swype
Camera •3. 2 MP to share photos on social media networks
Easy storage r Wi-Fi connectivity - incredibly quick and easy connections to Wi-Fi networks
•Multi-app screens to organize content and access to your stuff quickly and easily

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< b > < /b > Optimus Pro LG: QWERTY Android < b > phone < /b > - Droid Android review

LG optimus Pro C660 has a screen of 2. 8″ have an unknown resolution and a QWERTY keyboard in four rows of portrait beneath it. LG optimus Pro has a screen aspect ratio is 4: 3 resolution QVGA by what appears likely, we doubt that will probably be a VGA display for this type of cash. LG Optimus Pro with a portrait QWERTY, with specifications more or less like the Optimus One and also a great price too. The form factor is quite rare, but may be gaining some traction using the ChaCha HTC and Motorola Pro.
LG Optimus Pro

< b > < /b > Optimus Pro LG revealed: QWERTY Android business phone < /b > < b > < b > < /b > < b > 2.3... < /b >

Yet another new LG Android phone has found, more hardware manufacturer take to test his hand to create a smartphone QWERTY BlackBerry-like. C660 Pro for LG Optimus runs Android 2.3 on a QVGA screen 2. 8″ with a camera of 3megapixel at the rear.

There is no news as to the internal processor, but it is unlikely to be anything particularly powerful in a small device like this.

lg optimus pro

Link via AndroidWorld.it that has some more Optimus Pro from other angles, more shots even one of you encenderán and ready for business, and say that it is already on sale in Italy to 179 €.

A Flickr user has uploaded some other high resolution photos and a rough specification sheet, too. Back in June.

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July 10, 2011 on mobile phones, news

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< b > < /b > regulatory Optimus LG for Sprint gets borrowed

Our friends from PocketNow has come through yet another filtering processing. This time, Optimus LG regulator we have been raised both has shown. With this lone processing appears to be nothing more than a best Optimus one, but the name of the slider definitely gives the existence of a hardware QWERTY keyboard. Once believes the regulator would be part of the Optimus line, but sources say is a follow-up/sequel of what follows. In any case, Optimus One with a slide out keyboard is great. It is a phone, well, better still. We are eager to see this one come to light.

< b > < /b > Optimus Pro LG is imitation of another Blackberry (or Palm Pixi)

I'm really, really happy to see LG Optimus Pro LG latest Android device. More, OEMs are taking this form factor table, trying to draw this multitude of users of Blackberry that have gotten so used to their keyboards that do not dare to change their fruits, but not necessarily like. Perhaps I equate the East more to a Pixie Palm at all, though, as the keyboard style draws more of its features.

LG Optimus Pro runs Android 2.3 and has a screen of 2.8 inch HVGA, a 3 megapixel camera and this completely exposed QWERTY keyboard. We do not expect anything more than 512 MB RAM inside and the same processor 600 MHz power LG Optimus a series of devices, but nothing has been confirmed in the interior.

The Italians are the fortunate this device to first see how you can adjust for a mere 180 euros. [AndroidWorld.It via EuroDroid]

Verizon compensation in pair of < b > low-cost androids LG < /b >

The revolution of LG high-end is still a new face on the line from Verizon, but a pair of Android terminals for more low-end in the eyes of the manufacturer to make their way out of Big Red. You know the saying. With age, with the new. According to sources speaking to PhoneArena, VZW is delete stock in a number of phones and mobile connecting points including the ally of LG and LG Vortex end of the life cycle of the product for mobile phones.

If Verizon is really pushing to quickly move their stockpiles and freeing some space, look at the duo already affordable prices for placing even lower, although we can not confirm this is the case. If only I was dying to get their hands on one of the LG handsets, even take a Vortex-like device in several other companies as part of the series Optimus one LG and ally, LG as the vertex of the LG us cell phone (if it is in their area of coverage).

[via PhoneArena]

A look at the < b > < /b > < b > < /b > Android P500 LG | Portable insurance

A look at the Android LG P500

The Android platform for smart phones is slowly becoming the standard for many phone companies, including LG is getting into the market with her P500. With the new operating system from Google, LG and other manufacturers are doing their own smartphones with Android technology. More Android phones come with a lot of high-end, but no version of LG specifications. However, it has not stopped the phone to get much attention from the press. Instead, the terminal LG Optimus One P500 Android is trying to attract with a fair price without cutting too much in performance and features that people still can enjoy the Android experience and its growing mobile applications market.

Strong points

A great feature is the fact that the terminal LG Optimus One P500 Android still seems an Android phone, while some functions are not there the appearance remains the same. While other Android phones are a little larger than version of LG, the LG Android phone is somewhat less is something that like many people. The phone and severala many applications are really faster due to the function of multi touch. Multi touch normally only available on phones pricier, so it is nice to have this feature in this less costly alternative. It's compatible DivX and XivD, you are able to reproduce high quality films. 170 MB of memory internal may appear as a negative, but there is a slot for microSD card that supports up to 32 GB of RAM. You will receive a 2 GB card to buy the phone. Along with the headphone connector and memory, the LG Optimus One P500 Android phone is the perfect MP3 player.

A smart phone will not be a Smartphone without the standard features of Bluetooth and WIFI, and obviously LG has added these features to its latest Smartphone. LG Optimus One P500 Android terminal even has a GPS receiver with A-GPS and digital compass. This phone LG Android comes compete with QWERTY keyboard and accelerometer, which allows you to change the views of this simple phone. Quad and dual-band 3 G with HSDPA support add a further list already great. Only you need a lot of androids is the quality of the speaker; However, it is not a problem with the LG Android phone.


The disadvantages of this phone LG Android are something unique but nothing too alarming. LG Optimus One P500 Android phone camera only has 3 mega pixels, whereas this is a bit short, the other characteristics of the aid of camera to compensate for the difference as a function of auto focus. A downside is that this particular phone is not compatible with Adobe Flash. Edit documents can slow down this Smartphone because of the processor; However, everything else is right on the day.


The terminal LG Optimus One P500 Android is a good Android device and works as a terrific transition phone the smart phone world. It is the terminal LG Optimus One P500 Android that can help you to determine what features really need and how fast their smart phones need to be. With the administration of adequate telephone, this LG Android smart phone can be an artist performer pretty good and productive.

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iPhone 4 looks like Android phone < b > LG < /b > < b > < /b > new white Optimus

After a long time im writing a blogpost on an LG phone. because LG had little time silent for smart phones. This is the new phone LG Optimus white. It seems almost like a white iphone 4, also as the Galaxy S. White LG Optimus white is different from both of these phones. It has 4-inch IPS LCD capacitive touch. and resistant to scratches screen Gorilla Glass exterior glass. This new phone also comes with the latest version of Optimus UI 2.0.

LG Optimus White has 2 GB of internal memory and supports up to 32 GB memory cards. It has a 7.2Mbps HSDPA modem HSDPA and wi-fi and bluetooth. It has a main 5MP camera. the camera application has Geo-tagging, face and smile detection functions. It is also compatible with 720 p video recording. the front camera is 2 MP to enjoy quality video calls very. LG Optimus white comes with Android 2.2 OS but can be easily upgraded to 2.3. works with processor 1 GHz Cortex-A8 and has a PowerVR SGX530 GPU.
like other features LG Optimus White has a digital compass, integration of GPS and SNS features.Stumble Upon Toolbar

HTC EVO VS 3D < b > < /b > Optimus 3D LG | Best mobile phones < b > < /b > < b > sale... < /b >

Some people always find adequate competition, I believe that the htc EVO 3d and 3D LG Optimus is natural rival. Because they all use simple view screen 3D, own considerable hardware configuration of dual processor ect. I thought the hardware is not all that for an Android phone, but has an important part in the competition. HTC EVO 3D has a lot of similar appearance with LG Optimus 3D place. You can then get the different place among them.

HTC EVO 3D and 3D LG Optimus used the simple 3D view 4.3 inch screen so it has the same body size. But EVO 3D screen resolution is qHD (960 x 540 pixels), Optimus 3D resolution WVGA (800 x 480 pixels). EVO 3D is in effect of display. From the look 3D Optimus looks more feeling of hand to add brushed metal elements.HTC EVO 3D takes great shutter is rarely in HTC products, but LG Optimus 3D has HD HDMI output interface.

The same great point is have 5MP cameras. Hope users can discuss them here.

LG Optimus and HTC EVO 3D 3D photo:

Some people always find adequate competition, I believe that the htc EVO 3d and 3D LG Optimus is natural rival. Because they all use simple view screen 3D, own considerable hardware configuration of dual processor ect. I thought the hardware is not all that for an Android phone, but has an important part in the competition. HTC EVO 3D has a lot of similar appearance with LG Optimus 3D place. You can then get the different place among them.

HTC EVO 3D and 3D LG Optimus used the simple 3D view 4.3 inch screen so it has the same body size. But EVO 3D screen resolution is qHD (960 x 540 pixels), Optimus 3D resolution WVGA (800 x 480 pixels). EVO 3D is in effect of display. From the look 3D Optimus looks more feeling of hand to add brushed metal elements.HTC EVO 3D takes great shutter is rarely in HTC products, but LG Optimus 3D has HD HDMI output interface.

The same great point is have 5MP cameras. Hope users can discuss them here.

LG Optimus and HTC EVO 3D 3D photo:

The < b > < /b > Optimus Black… LG blank

Talk about things that do not have any sense. LG launched the LG black Optimus in the Netherlands with an alternative colour: white. In fact, it is choosing to call it the white LG Optimus there, although it still shares the same set of specifications that has black. I do not know how many of you live in the Netherlands, but carrier Sizz has free contract if it does. Note on the page of specifications of LG Optimus black for a detailed summary of what is inside. [via GSMArena]

< b > < /b > Cookie Touchscreen Mini T300 LG | New < b > phone < /b > review | < b > < /b > < b > Android... < /b >

Posted in category: LG in: July 7, 2011 for arema

LG Mini Cookies T300 203x300 LG Touchscreen Cookie Mini T300 LG Mobile communication Indonesia introduced the LG "touch screen", called LG Cookie Mini T300 Mobile based products. The phone is equipped with Virtual QWERTY keyboard and recognition of writing by hand for easy navigation, as well as send messages.

Mini Touch screen LG Cookie is a continuation of the T300 series mobile touch screen LG Cookie series before, i.e. in 2010, Indonesia introduced the mobile LG, LG Cookie Pop GD510, LG Cookie LG Cookie Fresh GS290 and KM555E Wi-Fi.

In general compared to the size of the touch screen phones, LG Touch screen Mini Cookie T300 has the physical appearance of a petite and slender, LG touchscreen has a dimension of width 95 mm x 50 mm, thickness 11 mm and weighs 77 grams Aerta appear small and light and compact to facilitate the grip can be stored in a pocket.

How to make the Root < b > Android < /b > 2.3 ginger in < b > < /b > < b > LG... < /b > - < b > < /b > LG cell phone < b > phone < /b > Blog

The optimus One lg p500 is one of the best budget Android phones around. Now you can upgrade to 2.3.3 Android gingerbread and below, the purpose of writing this article is to help you gingerbread root stock easily.  LG Android phones

How root Android 2.3 LG Optimus One P500 ginger:

1 Read all first and then do whatever is necessary to:

  • What is ADB and how to install, with Android SDK, visit here.?
  • (Installation of ANDROID SDK on your WINDOWS PC from here)

Do not forget to restart the computer after the installations. Solution and LG phone

2. Download and install SuperOneClick. You can download the tool from here.

3. In Bad:

  • ADB devices
  • ADB shell
  • echo 1 > /data/local/lge_adb.conf

Open SuperOneClick and root through pneuter. Restart the phone and update root in the market.

This instruction works fine on my lg optimus One, I had some problems in the root update maintains the clamping force, but after restart, works. Press thanks if this was useful for you. LG Optimus info

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< b > < /b > Optimus V LG is the best phone android prepaid < b > < /b >

Posted on July 7, 2011 by CHESSNOID on Amazon, Android, Apple, cell phones, free Apps, Froyo, gingerbread, Ipod Touch, Virgin Mobile, gadgets | 0 Comments

Yes, it is my opinion based on my personal property and research. Now you can get this phone for only a little more than 100 dollars. It is an excellent business. I have LG Optimus V
Android phone now for over 4 months and the more familiar with him, using more than to get it.
Originally, I sold my apple ipod touch 2nd generation, my digital camera, my old cell and some other gadgets not only finance the purchase, but simply to get rid of the confusion. The resale value of ipod touch was amazed of how retained.
What makes this the best phone android prepaid Virgin Mobile plans are offered to him. $25 Will get more beyond talk plan which includes 300 minutes but unlimited data and text. This means that you can navigate and text for the content of his heart.
I used to have decent tracfone prepaid mobile, but compared to these plans is a lower value.

phone's < b > LG revolution 4 G LTE Android < /b > < b > < /b > practical demonstration of Verizon

Practical demonstration of the LG Revolution 4 G LTE Android's Verizon phone. It has a screen of 4.3 inches, 16 GB of built-in storage, connection data of 4 G and Android 2.2 Froyo.


≪ b > < /b > LG Optimus prepaid < b > Android phone < /b > (Virgin Mobile) «my shopping Genie»

LG Optimus prepaid phone Android (Virgin Mobile) «my shopping Genie»

LG Optimus prepaid Android (Virgin Mobile)

From: LGIC

Price: $165.90& eligible for free Super Saver Delivery.

LG Optimus Prepaid Android Phone (Virgin Mobile)

Availability:Is normally sent within 24 hours

Description of the product

Upgrade to Android 2.2 in this 3 G & Wi-Fi capable smartphone. Navigate the touchscreen with virtual QWERTY keyboard and the entry of text Swype ® 3. 2″. See Twitter ®, GmailTM and YouTubeTM. Download apps from Android MarketTM. And get your personal and business email on the fly.

Product details


  • 2.2 Operating system Android
  • Fast 3 G connectivity
  • With the contribution of Swype on-screen keyboard
  • Connectivity Bluetooth (version 2.1)
  • What is in the box: phone LG Optimus, charger, rechargeable battery, microSD memory card of 2 GB, user manual, quick start guide

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mobile phone the PDA camera 3.15 GB 2 < b > < /b > < b > LG P500 Optimus One < b > < /b > < /b > < b > Android... < /b >

Camera phone LG Optimus One P500 PDA Android 3.15 2 GB (black): international version w / no warranty

  • Quad band touch screen, accelerometer for auto's user interface of rotate
  • User of 170 available MB, 512 MB RAM, 2 GB of memory, WLAN,

    3.15 Shot of MP, detection of Geo-tagging, face and smile, beauty

    Android OS v2.2 Froyo, SMS, MMS, push Email, IM

    Social Networking integration, google Search, maps, Gmail, predictive text input

    LG Optimus One P500 is a new addition to the series of LG Optimus. Optimus is an Android phone and run the latest v2.2 Froyo. It has a capacitive touch screen 3.2 inches with a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels maximum . It contains a decent 600 MHz processor, you can perform several tasks in a number of applications

    List price: $219.99
    Price: $219.99

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    Samsung T919 unlocked phone quad-band with 5MP camera, GPS and 3 g support U.S. warranty: rose pink. : Samsung T919 rope quad on the phone with 3 G support, GPS, 5MP camera unlocked this telephone is unbarred consistent with similar GSM carriers a & t and T-Mobile. Not all facilities have been ratified carriers. . Is not consistent with companies such as Verizon Wireless, Alltel, and thin Sprint CDMA phone touch screen for an entire web [...]

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    Sony Ericsson G900 review. : Sand phone reviews a Sony Ericsson G900. This is an indication of the flagship of the manufacturer g-series as well as its made for Symbian UIQ. Your categorical thinking is to suggest endless organizing facilities as well as easy Internet and… www.phonearena.com phone Arena presents a video of Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 review. This is initial Android-powered smartphone from a company [...]

    Sprint LG Optimus S phone Android (black). : Andriod 2.2 connectivity Wi-Fi LG Optimus S Android mobile phone (black) for sprint with hotspot 3.2 "Navigation Touch screen Google Maps this phone is written to make use of a network of Sprint in a United States - ENU is transparent for activation with Sprint LG Optimus STM receives around a final time - save something good to eat 2.2 AndroidTM: [...]"

    rooCASE case sleeve from neoprene Netbook Lenovo Ideapad S10-3 0647-2 BU 10.1 inch Netbook (Invisible zipper Tri-Pocket: black). : rooCASE case sleeve from neoprene Netbook Lenovo Ideapad S10-3 0647-2 BU 10.1 inch Netbook (Invisible zipper Tri-Pocket: black) not OEM case for Lenovo Ideapad S10-3 0647-2 BU 10.1 inch Netbook water resistant neoprene package. (Netbook not included) Line of invisible zipper for the touch of Simple elegance. Pattern of Tri-pocket netbook, as well as accessories. 2 mental x remember grooves label. Accessory pocket for [...]

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    Category: LG